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Online business is one of the fast growing business that any one can do without any risk or investment. There are many online business oppurtunities that required investment. But the online ads publishing, that is advertising business is one of the risk free online business without any investment that any one can do in web. According to researches and stuidies only 10% of internet users are now earning from online business. Many of others don't know about it or some of them thinking that it is not true or waste of time. So here I will give you information how you can earn money online with your website or blog.

For Earning Money Online through Advertising you need the follows basics

What Is Online Advertising?

First of all I would like to say something about online advertising. There are various methods to earn money online like referring people, data entry typing jobs, doing surveys, etc. But Online Advertising is the best, fast and effective way to earning money online.
In Televisions we see a large number of advertisements and we know that for each of those advertisement lakhs of money is paid by advertisers to TV channel. For everyone it is not possible to earn money like that by making a television channel or a TV program. But here internet gives you that oppurtunity to earn by advertising.

Like television, internet is also a big area for advertising business. You may have already heared or noticed different  advertisements in many websites including this :) . Those advertisers pay these websites for showing their ads. So if you have a website or blog you can also earn by giving advertisements in your website/blog.

Now few Questions may arise in your Mind. But if you are interested continue Reading......

I am not a techie. How can I make a Website / Blog ?

Don't bother about your technical skills. Many people are making good earning through their website without knowing any technical stuffs about their website. They only manage the content in their website and never worry about any technical matters. Development in web applications have grown big and still growing in tremendous pace. So to make a website there are content management systems like wordpress, joomla etc where user can manage his website in ease without knowing any technical stuffs.

But at first you should have web hosting server and registered domain name for your website. After having both you should install content management system like wordpress in order to start. Majority of web hosting companies will provide tools to install such CMS for you. So that you can set up your website for free after choosing their web hosting and domain registration. is such a web hosting company. They offer best price in industry for unlimited web hosting and domains. I recommend you to choose their basic hosting plan as it is enough for hosting a single website and they will install and set up your website for free. So we don't want to bother even about installing content management system. They also give free themes for our website to choose. They also have specials offers for domain names. To know about their domain prices go to

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Who will give Ads for my Website/Blog?

You may think that how advertisers will know about your website and also who will advertise in your website/blog which is having only a few visitors at first.

Yes, you are right. At begining you may not get any advertiser to advertise directly in your website/blog, but there are many other websites in internet who will give advertises to other websites. They not only publish advertisements in their website but also allow other websites/blogs to publish it in their pages. For displaying those advertisements they pay commission to those websites who are publishing those ads.

How can I get those advertisements in my website?

You can get advertisements to be published in your website/blog just by signing in any of the websites which provide this service. Here in right sidebar of this website I have listed some of those best ads publishing websites I found and those I am using. They will provide you advertisements that to be published in your website/blog. They collect those advertisements from different advertisers and display relevent advertisements in your website. i.e.; by adding the html codes or JavaScript provided by them the advertisements will be automatically displayed in your website/blog. You can see advertisements provided by such ads publishing websites in this website.

I recommend Adsense and Infolinks. You can use both in your website at a time.

How I get earnings from those advertisements?

As you publish advertisements in your website/blog the visitors of your website/blog will see those advertisements and they will click on interested advertisement links. And for each and every click on those advertisements you will earn a certain amount. Some publishers even pay  for just displaying their advertisments. Your earnings depends on how much times the advertisements are diplayed and how much times visitors click on your published advertisements. Your earnings are accumulated and when it become a minimum amount to be paid, the ad providers will pay you by check or by online payment like paypal, netbanking etc. Here we have added images of payment checks from those ad publishing website in proof page. You can see electronic fund transfer (EFT) payments, check and paypal payments recieved from those ad publishing websites under proof tab.

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We do not affiliate with any of the websites listed here. We only giving information about websites which provide online advertising and ad publishing services. We do not gaurantee earning from any websites we lited here and are not responsible for any loss or risk caused to you from those websites.

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